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debating to take my camera

So glad I did

  This past June my husband and I celebrated our 25th anniversary and we were finally going to take that honeymoon! Yes, "I said honeymoon." Our first trip ever, just the two of us in 25 years. Woohoo, just me and the dude going to Destin, Florida. Well, actually it's me, the dude and my camera. No big deal, everyone take a camera on their trip right! Except, I'm not just everyone. I'm a professional photographer who's been wanting to add traveling to the business. I know right! You see where I'm getting at?  At this point my mind is spinning, do I leave the camera at home and enjoy the never taken honeymoon or bring the camera hoping there's a down day during this trip? Is there even a down day during a honeymoon or is that just my 25 years marriage speaking? 

  For the next few day I went back and forth debating, should or shouldn't I? Should or shouldn't I?  Seriously, people you just don't understand! This was a real struggle for me. I finally just told myself NO! The camera stays home. All our pictures will be taken with our phones. That's it! Problem solved! Yeah right! That baby was with the rest of the luggage the day we left for our so called, "honeymoon." The plan was to reach out to the locals the moment we arrived and I'll give it two days. If I didn't book a session within those two days then it wasn't meant to be. We'll continue to enjoy the rest of our trip. By the way, if any of you were wondering how my husband felt about all this he's the one that convinced me into taking my camera. The whole two day thing was his ideal. I think he wanted it for me just as much as I did. 

  Well, I have good and bad news. Good news we had three wanting to book, bad news not until weeks after we were to go home. I know, I could have booked but remember this is something I've been wanting to incorporate into my business but I still needed to work out the cost of travel along with other fees. We decided to meet up with our longtime friends for lunch that we haven't seem in over 15 years. Started talking about old times up until our present lives. Turns out Miranda their third oldest will be graduating this year from college and guess who she's been following on instagram. You know that lightbulb went off in my head right and I think it was very obvious to them too. At this point we were both equally excited for what was about to come next. Before blurting out my thoughts I needed to make sure she didn't have a photographer yet. Well she didn't and I'm happy to say we had a day set-up for her session before we were done with lunch. How awesome is that! I was about to do my first out-of-state photo session. Now don't get me wrong, I was still very nervous but ready for the challenge. 

   The morning of her session started off great until we ran into a small issues with my camera. That thing call humidity happened and my camera did not like it. I began sweating and not just a little. I had sweat literally running down face and my camera was fogging up. So imagine how nervous I started to become. The only thing going through my mind was the images of my first out of state session was not going to be in focus.  Eventually it worked itself out and the rest of the shoot went amazing but I was still a bit worried. I really didn't look at the images until I got home. I'm happy to say, they weren't anything like I thought they would be. I'm so glad I brought my camera. Travel photography is something that I will definitely add to my business.   

   Miranda graduated high school at the age of 16. She attends West Florida and will be walking the floor in Decemeber with a  Bachelor’s in Biomedical Sciences and psychology degree and she's only 20. That's amazing! In Fall of 2019, she will be attending medical school and she's praying it will be at USA. Miranda chose this route because she became sick at a young age. After several doctors, an immunologist/allergist gave her life back. Being sick, taught Miranda to endure tough times, have perseverance, and to be thankful for every little thing. It gave her determination, passion, and inspiration to become an immunologist/ allergist. She always tell herself she cannot let a disease determine whether she get out of bed every morning. 

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