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in studo mommy and me session

When photographing little ones you can only hope that the session goes well with a lot of smiles and the word reschedule never comes up before the session is finished, right. Well, I was 95% sure this session was going to last until the end. I mean, of course with a handfull feeding and changing breaks. Yeah, this little cutie seriously tricked me. She got me good. As soon as Cassidy took Zolah out of her carrier she was nothing but smiles from ear to ear and had a lot to say. Unfortunately, I spoke the words, "this is going to be a good sessions" way too soon. As soon as mom put her down and the camera came up, the smile disappeared within seconds. I truly have to say mom and I try everything, but she wasn't having it. The only time she would smile was when my camera went down. Needless to say, the word reschedule was spoken. It's ok we did managed to still gets some beautiful images of Cassidy and Zolah.  

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